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TexasDeluxe uses the most modern turf technology in the manufacturing process. The dense, plush, 2 tones of Green turf with Green and Brown Curl, the dual backing system will give you a soft, realistic, durable lawn for years to come!

$2.75 Cut Roll per sq.ft

Downloadable: pdf icon TexasDeluxe

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Delivery Rates

0-15 Miles = $115
15-20 Miles = $135
20-25 Miles = $150
25-30 Miles = $175
30-35 Miles = $225
35 + Miles/Large Order = Please Inquire

All of our products at TurfCasa range between 12′ – 15′ wide. To determine product cost, calculate the total length you need to cover your area and multiply it by the width of the product you have selected. For example: if your project is 800 sqft. total, the length you would need is 15 × 54 = 810 sq ft. since a 15 x 53 is short at 795 sq.ft.